Job Title
 Average Annual Income  Projected Job Growth, 2012-22*  Projected Job Openings, 2012-22
Public Relations Specialists  $63,020
Editors  $62,820
Technical Writers  $70,290
 Reporters and Correspondents  $44,360
 Radio and Television Announcers  $41,800

*Projected Job Growth, 2012-2022 Key

Faster than average
(more than 15%)
(8% to 14%)
Slower than average
(less than 7%)

Occupational Outlook Handbook: 
If Communication Technologies are concerned with maintaining equipment and systems that deliver communication, Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs are focused on the content of those communications. Jobs in communications include Public Relations Specialists, Technical Writers, Reporters and Broadcast News Analysts, and Radio and Television Announcers; however, many of these jobs require at least a Bachelor's degree in a related subject.

Technical Writers put together documents like instruction manuals that are intended to make complex and difficult material accessible to the general public. To do this, they may talk to the designers and engineers of the product they are writing about, figure out the best way to deliver information about the product, and talk to consumers to see if the final manual is useful. A lot of technical writers work in the computer and engineering industries, so background knowledge in those areas is helpful.

Copy Writers help develop advertisements for use in both publications and broadcasts. Editors review manuscripts, articles, and other materials before they are printed, and check for correct grammar and spelling, consistency, and readability.

Reporters and Correspondents cover events and other happenings for different news outlets--they may be online, print, or broadcast. They conduct interview, check facts, and write reports for publication. Some also appear on camera. Broadcast News Analysts perform many of the same duties as reporters, but they collect news items for inclusion in broadcast, not necessarily print, sources.

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