Job Title
 Average Annual Income  Projected Job Growth, 2012-22*  Projected Job Openings, 2012-22
Architectural and Civil Drafters $51,250
Civil Engineering Technicians $49,380

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians $59,770 30,400
Environmental Engineering Technicians $49,180
Mechanical Engineering Technicians  $54,280 12,100

*Projected Job Growth, 2012-2022 Key

Faster than average
(more than 15%)
(8% to 14%)
Slower than average
(less than 7%)

Occupational Outlook Handbook: 

Engineering Technologies jobs provide support to engineers in a variety of disciplines.

Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technicians help build, maintain, and test different parts of aircraft systems. They may meet with aerospace engineers to go over test procedures and results, use computer programs that record test results, install equipment in air- and spacecraft. Civil Engineering Technicians read blueprints for projects and inspect ongoing projects to make sure they meet design and building code specifications.

They may also inspect materials at a construction site for safety, and prepare reports about projects. Although Civil Engineering
Technicians do a lot of the same work as Civil Engineers, because civil engineering requires a license in New York State,
technicians must work under the supervision of a licensed civil engineer.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technicians help engineers develop electrical equipment that is used in computers, communications, medicine, and more.
Similarly, Electro-Mechanical Technicians handle computer-controlled systems, like robotic assembly machines.

Environmental Engineering Technicians work under the guidance of environmental engineers to prevent or clean up pollution; they may also be involved in running experiments about pollution in labs. Industrial Engineering Technicians help businesses and other organizations operate effectively by establishing things like production times and machine layouts. Finally, Mechanical Engineering Technicians assist engineers in designing and building different mechanical devices. They may also perform tests on mechanical equipment to plan improvements or evaluate performance.

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